Mastermind Game

Mastermind is an addictive puzzle game that you can spend a lot of time playing. Here, your task is to guess the color of the four circles on the decoding board. At the beginning of the game, you will see a board with eight rows of four empty circles each. The color pattern is encrypted, and your task is to guess what color each circle is and in what order the colors should be arranged. There are nine possible colors to choose from, but be careful - each color can appear more than once in a row. When you crack the code, the game will be won. You have eight attempts to win the game, and after each failed attempt, you will receive colored hints.

How to play Mastermind?


At the beginning of the game, you will see a decoding board with eight rows of four empty circles each. Your task is to guess which color pattern is encrypted.


Click the first empty circle and choose any of the nine pop-up colors (you will have red, blue, green, orange, purple, brown, gray, pink, and yellow). Fill in the remaining circles with the colors you want and click the Check button.


The small circles to the right of the board will show you how close you are to the correct answer. Green indicates the right color in the right place. Orange means that this color is present in the code, but in a different location. If the circle is still empty, that color does not appear in the code.


Start with different colors to test as many variations as possible and weed out colors that don't appear in the code.


You have eight attempts to crack the code by the number of lines on the board. The game ends when you find the correct sequence and all the key circles turn green, or when you run out of tries.

Did you like Mastermind Game?

Mastermind first appeared as a two-player board game. One player (Codemaker) encrypts a code consisting of four multi-colored pins (code pegs), which he randomly places on the board in a row. The task of the other player (Codebreaker) is to “break the code”, that is, to guess the color and order of the colored pegs. After each attempt, the Codemaker gives hints with the help of key pegs, which show whether the selected colors occur in this code or not.

The game was played on a special decoding board using pins of different colors. Now you can play this exciting game alone. You will be the Codebreaker, and the Codemaker will be... your computer! Your task is to guess a randomly given sequence of four colors. Hints will be shown to the right of the board also in the form of small keys (as in the traditional version of the game). This game is breathtaking from the first second and will not let you get bored. Crack the code to win the game and master your mind!